Thursday, February 27, 2014


In the shimmering light of the stars,
and the dance of cloudy sky,
A smile grows bright, eclipsing,
that lonely moon, in all its might.  

As the feet set in motion, the lips;
they talk a story, of life and beyond,
as the waiting eyes still at a moment,
the time begins to lose its pace.

In the chaos that surrounds, a giggle,
A smile, a cheer, it silences it all.
the eyes that add to her enigma,
the fierce self that clouds ‘her’.

A distant dream that the eyes see,
that fire blazing to reach there,
A hidden self, in lotus petals,
unwraps in lilt on a stone bench.

In all her might, she lives, and loves,
and as the nights grow, fleeing sight,
She disappears in the abyss,
leaving her smile behind.  

~ Mr. Khan.

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