Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Construkt Journey!

(NGP-SBC : 20/03/14 - Rajdhani Express)

So I’m back with another travelogue. It’s been close to 3 months I’ve had the pleasure of travelling and today has been a day perfect for it. So the reason I’m traveling is to attend Construkt fest in the It hub of India – Bangalore. The last two days were spent in a garage trying to bring to life my creation, Project Lincoln ( Last night, tired in soul and flesh, we finally did complete the goal of firing up the engine. I got back home, post visiting a friend in the hospital. Early morning plans were to get the huge monster to the railway station for getting it shipped to Bangalore. 

I got up at 7-ish and got ready for the early morning battle. Shrikant was there at my place for the night, and Rohan was getting ready to get his hands dirty. I had packed up my bags in a hurry the night before and we headed to the garage to get the bike lifted from there. My parents were going to drop by at the station with my luggage, and me with the mean machine. We reached the garage and got a vehicle to transport the pod from there. I was on the trailer with the pod, and all the way eyes striking us. After a little fumbling at the station, we somehow got the pod down the station at the luggage counter. The crowd was crazy, awed but not a single hand ready to work. Disappointing. 

The next news was something that broke me a bit. The pod had a few legal issues that needed to be taken care of and I had my train in the next hour. After a lot of talks and buzz, I finally took the decision to leave the matter in the hands of my parents and Rohan. I had to move ahead. 

The traveler’s luck. Here something happened to me for the first time in life. As I reached the platform and head towards my boogie, I saw a friend, Ankita. To my surprise she and her friend, xx were also headed to Bangalore in the same train. Co-incidence yes. Happened a lot of times with me. The height of co-incidence, she was in the same coach, and to add to it, we had seats in succession! A never imagined, highly strange co-incidence. 

And the journey began, chatting and catching up with each other
. To add to the awesomeness of the travel, as usual I had a 2yr old cute kiddo with us, jumping up here and there. What was more exciting was happening outside the train, back in the station. The pod faced a few legal troubles and Rohan and my parents were on the receiving end of it. Coming back in the train, this was my second time in Rajdhani, and this train lived upto its promise of not letting its passengers stay hungry even for a second. As soon we finished the first treat of soup and breadsticks, the lunch was ready to be served to us. 

Long chats and a lot of butt hurting time later, I finally decided to get some air and went out to sit with a group of men who were basking in the warm natural air. The bright and sunny weather was more pleasing than the cool air conditioned space inside. In such long journeys one will always see a group of men near the train doors, which are turned into a smoking gallery. The best courtships will be spotted here, between two strangers. 

Later I got back, and since the atmosphere was brewing with conversations, we heated it up with a few more topics for a mere reason to kill time. As usual, I took out my laptop and started writing this article to share with you guys! It continued for a while and then we were aching to get up and roam around. Finally a station arrived and I got down to get some blood flowing in my limbs.  It was a laid back station and I saw a fairly old, yet rare bullet shaped engine. I was jolly as a kid! 

The night took over, and the tired souls, began to fall asleep. Slowly, so did I. The morning rose, and we reached the destination city, Bangalore. The next step was – Construkt Fest! Let me tell about you in some other post. Adios!

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