Friday, April 23, 2010


Life’s an illusion, now I feel,
with this truth now I deal.
A morning, for others is a new start,
but each event, my life & me part.
Singing songs of the dreaded reality.

Life’s an illusion now I feel, with this truth now I deal.

Eyes what they see, is not what I feel,
my heart’s offspring I’ve to kill.
Every pain that I do receive,
leads to a harder me, that I conceive.
Each day is a new battle, with myself.

Afternoon sun overhead willingly smiles,
the road is tough, left more miles.
The human nature I’d like to kill,
just with the basics I would deal.
Here’s something I call ~ Philosophy!

Life’s being unfair, all the time,
dare not you ever drink that wine.
Reaping a desert rose with my tears,
I’ve been crying since long years.
Hope says, “It’s not gonna last forever!”

Offshore I see my life taken away,
“I don’t wanna go!” she’s screaming all way.
Down this heart, dreams I want to bring,
in this deathbed, my life’s wants to spring.
The air here is getting poisoned.

Friends n family are just mere words,
Better than me are those free birds.
Striving hard to just bring a smile,
All that you expect is a veil.
Relations are fake unwired connections.

Living alone is the best way to be,
Happiness will slowly come you’ll see.
With no one around, you won’t be hurt,
With least expectations, tears won’t spurt.
Loneliness will surely be your best friend.

But the One in me is greater than the world,
He says, I’m more than a conqueror.
He brings joy, fades away tears,
He says, “I’ll be with you till forever.”
My Father, My Best‘est’ Friend, My Companion.

The day when this illusion will break,
I’ll enter the Promised Land,
The truth that day will uncover,
And will flee what I used to fear.
This is my life ~ An illusion !


All of my sleeps’ out of order,
My pillow with tears now I water,
How long have I come?
How far I’ve got to go,
The silence night has; is killing,
I keep wondering,
Why do I keep dying ?
All the time . . . .

No place left to sleep,
No lap for this head to keep,
Some thoughts in the heart deep,
An unknown plant I’ve to reap,
In the stars wandering I keep,
Searching . . . .
For my very own light.

In this silent crowd; the world,
I search for someone not sold,
This dark city needs a dark knight,
To bring in an everlasting light

My own mock at me,
Some don’t even see,
Tongues say I’ve lost my heart,
Others laugh & say its mind,
That I’ve not got,
But it is my soul, thirsty; longing.

It feels like I’m insomniac,
Or simply I’ve turned maniac.

Sands of Time

The sea sweeps away,
& the wind covers on,
With infinite layers,
Those wonderful colours,

Those sands of time,
Together in a rhyme,
Just like a wind chime,
Take away . . . . everything.

Those in the limelight,
Were once under the streetlight,
We all do used to fight,
Just to tell, we are right,
Even show enough might.

But these are sands of time,
It will wash away,
& no stray marks will remain,
Here’s no loss or gain.

The world has left no time,
Everyone’s trying to mime,
& why each one has to be right ?
& me always on the other side ?

In these sands of time,
Off course, I was lost,
A way too I walked,
But it seems,
I’m again gonna be found.