Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Theory of Love!

I carry a lot of masks on me day in and day out. I hear people say things about me, mostly good. Too many terms associated with my personality, I’m not gonna talk about a bit of anything that is my superficial mask. I am called intelligent, rational, leader, all those big fancy names everyone wants to hear, but deep down, in the unseen side of me lives a hopeless romantic. I might be exposing a very delicate side of me here, but then, I had promised to write this post to myself a long while back.

As an individual, from the time we grow, understand things, from the very time we come out in the world, we start recognizing people. Ever saw a kid smile at a known face? That. We all develop our own versions of the meaning of love. The way we have experienced love, or not. It’s a highly complicated yet a very simple feeling. Have heard of unconditional love ever? No? Have you ever been with your family or friends, every day of your life, no matter how much you think you hate them? That my friend, is unconditional love. Most of us try to give a hundred different reasons to why they love a particular person, to that I wonder, why not love just for the bloody sake of it? Love because you love to love! 

Might sound a bit weird, but let us see where these words take us. The feeling of love has always surprised me. From the point I ‘loved’ my grandpa dropping me to the bus stop to the point of looking at this someone, where I forget to breathe. I’ve had women in my very tiny lived life, I have women around me now, but taking a dive into that abyss, it’s scary that ever. The base of every relationship I believe is being able to spend time with the person, making them feel wanted for. I do respect that highly. Yet, I fail to do that. 

To be with someone, to belong, and love them, might be the most beautiful feeling ever. But if you can’t match to the tiniest of expectations springing up from this togetherness, it is better off. I would say that is the answer to the question I face often, Why are you single? So dear reader, when I know in the current phase of life, when it is difficult to make time even for lunch, how can I commit a part of life to someone? (Unless, the person can understand this part of life.) So that’s my concise theory. Maybe say just a postulate.    

More to this topic coming soon. 

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