Saturday, February 8, 2014

Fear of Love!

On a chilly winter morning,
I write this love ballad
So may you dance and sing,
Celebrate the fear of love!

Solomon sang a while ago,
Love is strong as death
Its jealousy unyielding as the grave,
Who could love such a love?

A feeling no better than this,
Be loved, cared, valued and thought,
And feel the fright for your loved soul,
Who could love such a love?

In the growth of life arises this need,
To belong to someone and reduce to half,
Courage falls weak at this sight,
Who could love such a love?

As the vision travels in times ahead,
A face sparkles, a hand holds you through,
The quest for this soul began in long past,
Tell me! Who could love such a love?

The fright to loose, and be forgotten,
Lingers each day through, killing you,
The emotion is far too complex, too deep.
Who could love such a love?

I fear such a feeling, the emotion,
Exposing my deepest self,
Where love and wrath abode,
Who could love such a love? 

In the paths of the future and past,
Where the memories and visions last,
I search for a reason to still love,
And fall in the fear of this love! 

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