Monday, December 9, 2013

Learning. Living. Loving.

I have a bad habit: I don’t write much. There are so many instances that have been piling up my head to occupy space in this blog. But, then it requires absolute peace for me to write. The sad part is, the times when I have peace, I don’t have my laptop; while the most times I have my laptop I don’t have a peaceful mind. Tonight, I’m travelling from Nagpur to Mumbai. I cried after a long time. Going back to the place where I came to understand my dreams; possibly to make them true – Somehow! This is another experiment I’m doing with my life. An experiment that might fail or might succeed. How I love this uncertainty of life. I didn’t set out with a proper theme for this article to write, I’m going to blabber this time. Just put out thoughts running in my head. 

I love travelling. I love Mumbai. I moved to this city two months back and the excitement to move to a new place has turned into missing my home to an equal magnitude. I’ve done a whole lot of things in past – research work, teaching, entrepreneurship, what not! But now I’ve come down to this city of dreams to know something, understand the working of cosmos - by testing myself. The world is a beautiful place, you can only wonder about its vastness. There are some lines that I have written; but now deleted. 
There are some questions I want to answer and write about them soon. Before that fire cools down. One of them is about the online revolution; Are we more open and connected with people from all over the world or we have truly made ourselves distant from the people in the real world? I am in dual minds, but I prefer dealing with real people. There was this sentence I read somewhere, ‘It is better to have one real person to know in the world than to have a 1000 followers on twitter!’  This statement will be ironic to several people. 

Second, I wish to write about my travel experiences – One which I took from Jalna to Mumbai a couple of weeks ago. That was when I had to attend the marriage of my brother and while returning had a horrible experience of travel. For the first time in my life had slept in the luggage section of a train – enclosed in a 6*2*3 volume box for the night. Following day attending office in that aching state. The other travel is the recent one – Two nights back; from Mumbai to Nagpur – travelled in the sleeper coach after ages. High amount of struggle and shivering in the December cold. 

I want to write about my love of Physics and the places I want to go – on the top is – Space! Maybe Mars even someday. I have a dream like everyone does; the path is unknown, the journey unpredictable. And now realizing there is a lot of ‘I’ in this article. I sometimes feel a bit self-obsessed; but then the people I meet, interact with, take life lessons from me. A twenty-three year old guy! People say I have a lot of potential, that I am special, I never felt it to that magnitude as others exclaim. There are moments that define life for me; extracting life lessons out of most situations is my hobby. Stage is life for me. The most lessons I have learned I share it with people who show the requirement for it. For a person my age, I might be too philosophical. 

There is a very little part of life that has come to my vision, and there is so much to know. There is so much to learn. So much to grow. Explore. Live. Love. The way I’ve been treated by the people I am normally around; I feel like a celebrity. Not boasting, just a thought. There is a gap that needs to be filled by me. Well, there are so many gaps! Life is taking huge twists. I feel like the water droplet in the shimmering sea I look at each day during my lunch time. That drop, living in the huge endless sea, shines not by its own but by the reflection of the sunlight painting a magnificent picture.   
There is so much to do. So much to achieve. So many lives to live. But my time is limited. I have this feeling – that, that time allotted for me is too less. Well, I’ll leave you here. Wanting for more of me, asking me to write more, and pestering me so that I WILL. But I will end this with three words, I love to call this phase of my life –

Learning. Living. Loving. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

PNR Status: Waiting List #1 - Travelogue P2

What’s your plan? - Travelogue (Nagpur to Bangalore) dt. 28th Sept 2013 

Part Two

-Still in the Train-
Soon after my lunch, I headed to the next coach to find the conductor. He sat in one of the compartments chatting with another fellow mates. He wrote me a bill for the ticket, and I finally got a sigh of relief for the onward journey. I had a pretty relaxing nap post all the exhaustive undertakings. The family guy is watching me write this article and we hit off a conversation. He appreciated my writing, and I hope you are too! ;) The guy is a travel agent in Nagpur and takes frequent trips with his family to places. My kinda guy! After a brief chat, and writing the previous article, I revisited my Eurotrip photos, which made me all nostalgic! I showed them the pictures and told stories about my trip. In return, I got a pretty good dinner offered by them! *bingo* I had the most tasty Curd-Rice ever for dinner and some parathas. The train was 50mins late but it had covered almost half hour of the time. My friend, Rohan was meeting me at the Secundrabad station and we planned for dinner. Also I had to look out for the next available bus to Bangalore, my final destination. It was again a gamble I was playing, but worth the experience. It was getting chilly inside so I moved to the door to get some natural air, spent some time talking to the fellow guy there. The station soon arrived and I waved the family to head on to the next madness of the trip!

-In Between-
 The station, Secundrabad brought in a lot of memories from my childhood, I’ve never been there, but my grandpa used to be a TTE at this very station route. I got a picture of the train station while I was out looking for my friend, and I must say it’s a beautiful place! One of the best train stations I’ve seen. Soon I met him and we headed first to secure a ticket for my journey ahead from there. Luckily, the booking kiosk was on the other side of the road. We inquired about the bus and it was ready to leave from the nearby stop. I shelled out another 900 bucks for the ticket and we went ahead to look for an autorickshaw till the desired place. Chatting in the available time we had, we shared a lot of things on the way.

Now, one of the famous places of Hyderabad, the Paradise Circle was my bus pick up point. This place is known for its world famous Biryani.  I quickly dialed my friend in Bangalore, where I was planning to stay, if he was interested in having some of the world famous food item, he replied in positive (who was I kidding anyway!) We rushed in the take away section and got us some yummy biryani! We chatted more and walked hurried towards the bus stop. Finally I got to the bus waiting for its passenger to arrive.

-The Bus-
As soon as I got inside, it felt like deserted land. There were hardly any people in the bus! I got in my assigned seat and settled myself with all the mess around. There was a movie going on, Once upon a time in Mumbai Dobara. It was a sequel to a pretty good movie and I was happy they weren’t showing some stupid movie, else my travel would have been ruined. Soon my co-passenger arrived and we head off with a chat. The bus halted in a while for refreshments and I got a pack of juice as my dinner. Opening up the little box given by mum, I found some sweet bread in it and viola, my dinner was done !

Okay I slept in there. It’s already morning. The bus halted pretty far from where I wanted to go and I had no option but to get down. My fellow passenger was getting off on the same stop so we head out to find a conveyance till out destinations. After struggling with the luggage and some mouthing with the autowallahs, we found a nice cool cab, which offered us a ride at dirt cheap rate. Without another thought, I got in zoom we went ahead. The driver was pretty fast and helped me reach the specific address in just 20mins! I got off, waved the new acquaintance and waited by the side of the road till my friend, Aditya arrived.

There! I complete my first travelogue. Good night I’m tired. Hope you did enjoy it J Share the love in the comments below! Caio!