Thursday, March 27, 2014

Words Unsaid

As the breeze tangles in your hair,
and moon shines over your face,
the heart skips a beat,
with a melody as this. 

As the eyes that stare lock in mine,
The moon then ceases to shine,
A breeze blows through her hair,
All you wanna do is stare. 

The voice that's a sane therapy,
Spoken like a rehearsed melody,
Giggles that effortlessly lighten up,
The saddest face, that's filled a tear cup.

A slight attempt to tell her a word,
A heart beat to have her heard,
I write this poem for a little stir,
Make believe that I love her.

A face I long to see,
A voice I love to hear,
A moment of being together,
That I'd die for her..

~ Mr. Khan.

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