Friday, April 25, 2014

24 and Schrödinger's Cat

This is a well delayed birthday post if you want to consider it so. Also thinking to move the blog to some other platform. Suggestions? So here it goes. I did turn 24 recently. It was an earthquake in life. I still feel like I was just 18 yesterday. Life’s accelerated too fast. Coming to a junction when some important decisions need to be taken care of.  
Being 24 is scary. There are major, life changing decisions to take care of. Being an entrepreneur for the past 3 years has fucked up life real bad. I'm tired of the this shit. I'm tired of being the one people look up to. Its exhausting.

There is a major push from the family to find a settled life. While everyone around is growing, I feel stuck up in one place. Maybe its just my frame of relative thoughts, from a different frame of reference, it might be the life to die for. When I look at myself when I'm around a bunch of people, its a celebrity feeling. My name precedes my presence. Its an amazing feeling. The life on stage is something people crave for. But to tell you the reality, its an emotional, mental, physical roller coaster ride. It has its several negative aspects which I don't want to get started with. 

I believe in myself. That's my strongest suit. I don't possess any special talents or skills, somehow things just worked out for me. That's the part I live about life - Uncertainty. Its impossible to predict the future, as one single tiny event can change the course entirely. Life is awesome - if you let it be so. One of the reasons there is a positive aura around me is I've been through several failures, and I'm not afraid anymore. I know I will rise no matter how deep I fall.
Talking about Schrödinger's Cat - one thing I've witnessed is we hesitate to take a risk, we try to calculate every step. But eventually, unless you step in to a situation, you are a winner and a loser both. The only way to test it is to be there. It will cost time, money, and a few resources too. Let's stay on the hopeful side and take a chance. Take that plunge. 

Being 24 means you gotta be earning at least bronze if not gold. If you carry that entrepreneur tag means you gotta be the next Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs. I'm not saying its not possible, but why imitate let's be %firstname% %lastname% - You! I'm on my path, a lot of thorns in the way but another thing I believe in - This too shall pass. 

Oh and I forgot Love! If you are a woman, would you love to be seen with a person who is 24 and still figuring out life? I've got a deep dark path ahead of me which will unfold as I step into it. The success rate is a mere 10%. I'm a workaholic and hardly have time forfamily. In a world where success is measured by money and fame, its hard to find someone who looks deeper. 

The biggest question everyone around me is facing is called - What's next? Well I don't know and I'm pretty sure even you don't have a bloddy idea. I'm a person who tends to enjoy the current and let the next take care of itself. Who is it going to listen to anyway?

The Bible quotes; "I have plans to prosper you not to harm or destroy but give a hope and a future, says The Lord." I'm a believer, and several testimonials to back this. I know I will sail through life - Smiling!


  1. Damn you write awesome!
    May you find soon what you are looking for :)
    Best wishes.

  2. Exactly my thoughts :O... Fish... Nice write-up it is!