Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Stage called Life!

One great English sage named Shakespeare once hath quoted in his play, As You Like It through the character Jaques:

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.

Life is always filled with people. People you love, you hate, you like, you avoid, but one common feature they all have is, they enter and they exit! This one thing is what you cannot change in life. You can never hold back anyone forever, though they say love is forever, but life isn’t! People are meant to leave you, but to leave you with something! In this journey called life, we travelers find fellow mates who have to get down at some stop on the way.

This stage, this play, each one has their own special character written down for them; they play their parts in the specified time on the stage and get behind the wings when done. If each character would be present on the stage all the time, wouldn’t the stage be cluttered? Such is the flow of life! Each one has a role, an entry time, and an exit time! They show up when the need pops up, when a character is failing, the other chips in to set the play in order. When the play gets a little lousy, the comedian comes up. So does happen in our lives!

When we are drowning, someone is introduced to us or somebody pushes up from the general crowd of people in life and lifts us up. When the part is done, they drift away, lost in the ocean of anonymity. Well, it does not just happen with you, you also were someone special for somebody, and you too drifted away. Expecting somebody to stay all the way is hope, staying with someone all the way is love, but living this truth that they might leave some fine day is called life.

We all have definitions of life. I define my life as something that’s meant for all. I love to love people, care and even hurt them, but never forget them. In this ever paced life structure that we live, it is almost impossible to keep in touch with all those people in one’s life. But being true to myself, I miss those people who made even a slight change in my life and may God bless them in abundance.

For who I am, is a fraction of each person that I have met.

All these people make the person who I’m. This stage called life, Meine Walt, and those who live in it are the ones who have blessed me to grow to the person I’m. We all are parts of those who make an impact on us. They inspire us, break us, make us and leave us! The time each one stays in the limelight is the time they need to affect us in becoming what we are meant to be. The smiles, the tears and the times of companionship all boil down to one small effect: Us.

The bond that the fellow actors create with us remains forever within us; some remain strong over the winds of time, while some wither away in the sun of life. The sad part is when those we made close to us, in no time fall even below the slab of fair-weather friends. The heart becomes so hard, that those who once tingled the flesh with just a view now fail to touch the heart with the sweetest of words. Life is pretty amazing, and scary.

The bonds that are made never vanish, they simply become weak. The thread remains, but the essence is gone. A few special appearances bring in the impact factor in our lives. Roles change, costumes change, dialogues change, but the connection with the people of the play never does. The intensity varies, the feeling never changes.

We live, we perform at different venues, different acts as different characters from time to time, thus we call it as, a Stage of life! Sometimes we play grand sometimes low. We just voice over, or become the protagonists. Just like a play is never the same all over, so isn’t life. The highs and lows, the light and the darkness, it brings charm to it. But it is upto us how grand we play! Do we wish to set a benchmark or just flow with what goes on?

In this turmoil of the stage play, we bump up with an artist, who slowly turns out to be the non-exiting part of the play. This artist is called your soul mate. I never really got the last part of the quote, but one thing that I believe is, we puppets shall never be dropped down by the Master Puppeteer. For the best is what we receive. 

Off with the ink, and exiting with my words. Sayonara!! 


  1. Abhijeet very nicely explained about each and every factor of Life. I am glad you are so much aware :) keep up dude :) God bless

  2. thanks buddy. do find some time and scroll down the blog!