Friday, April 27, 2012

My 55 words!

Below are my entries for 55 Words Story . Initiated by @vivekisms

1. Words

Words carry a power. To death, and to life. They create boundaries of race and religion. Blessed are those who are speechless. For they are universally tied. The words the heart speaks, through the eyes, is what eternally lives.

2. Blood

A sight stuck the eye; screeching, my tires halt. Deblurred I see, a bloodstream flowing through his head trickles down the asphalt.

I see inhuman faces sticking their eyes, constrained arms. Couraged, I held the young by his smashed head.

That picture haunts, that blood, (doesn't leave my palms).

3. Boredom

7th Jan 10. The day after the competition, all worn down and lazy.
Laying on the couch, with the lost thoughts, with the world's time. A random thought ran across, of how to pass next 6 months.

The boredom on that couch, and those few haywire thoughts lead me to form this Albedo Informatics.

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