Sunday, April 15, 2012

Silent Volumes

A Special Dedication

Lost in the ripples of the wind,
i see that face close and shining,
into the depths you show up a stare,
spell binding and so calming deepness.

Having a sigh i write these words,
for those stars,
a fire rising,
a shout crying,
a night engulfing,
with those rivers flowing,
a vacuum pulling.

Eyes that play strings of the heart,
tiny lines they hold them in,
a pain screeching,
and joy overflowing,

A sight i wouldn't want to lose,
read a little more of those silent volumes.

How silent they may be,
through them I'll always see,
a heart glowing, like a shining star,
from that cage remove another bar.

A smile and a tear left behind,
a face covering the heart kind,
a word could not define,
when the silent volumes shine.

Driving thru the darkness i see a flicker small,
lost in the thick nights lies a baby doll.
Laughing all the way in this crazy world,
but when in her dreams she looks like a curl!

Those volumes might have watered,
and the paths shattered.
The words might go to very few,
I got a true blessing called YOU.

Mesmerized by the sights these volumes,
they have caputred in the depths,
the straight paths they sometimes offer,
have on a new high flown me up.

Pulled more into the singularity,
and entagling words to a poem,
a joy that they offer in the closeness;
a halo lits up those volumes, places a kiss!

A world resides in those volumes,
not just a planet or a star,
life with the grandness of a galaxy,
sated not i am, by what it shows..

Lost in the darkness of the shadows,
cleaned up the rest, closed the glare,
carrying the waters in those shallow cups,
rising to give a blinding stare,
diving in to rescue the words lost.

A gaze i always cherish,
the freshness of the view relish,
the sweeter glow fails to cover,
the beams of the depth you lower.

Never goes a day by without,
the silent volumes thought,
a dizzy image then pops,
a sight, that seems now lost.

Covered with a veil,
one's heart they can seal,
filled with an unknown charm,
they clear the mind's swarm.

As they glide down,
the grass goes brown,
with that gentle smile,
that curve, it stops the heart for a while.

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