Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Moment… Frozen...

I still remember that cold winter morning. It was the same day as today. 16th November. The date I remember more than my own birthday. I had made things ready the earlier day itself. A Dairy Milk chocolate, a Hallmark Greeting card few words and lot of emotions. I was ready for that day. 
With a great mood I was off to school waiting to meet her. Cold wintery morning... chills my spine but love burning in my heart. Ready for the big day! I still wonder can people be so blind that they just ignore some things that everyone else sees !!?? Standing in rows for the assembly, I was eagerly waiting for her to come up on the stage during the birthday song. We had kinda practice to celebrate student’s n teacher’s birthdays n bringing them on the stage. I was in the school choir n was the loudest for the song (possibly). Then came the classes n I couldn’t wait for the recess to start n have some time spent with that angel.

Finally that moment arrived which was since then frozen inside me n now glorified till eternity by these words. Standing along the wall, I watched the kids playing. However all of me was waiting for her to come to me. She came and stood next to me. I wished her happy birthday n asked her for a chocolate. She said ‘Sorry, sab khatam ho gaye kal pakka!’ (‘Sorry, there are none left, tomorrow for sure’). I smiled. Then silently I gave her the chocolate n card I had been hiding inside my shirt. I guess I got her a present too. Few things get blurred… 

Having few things said and nothing done, I felt a sharp pain. Then I left the scene. Even today the same question haunts me: When will that girl understand what’s in my heart ?
Few moments take a lifetime to arrive. I’m waiting for a moment with her again. The same way it was; In silence.

                                                                               ~ Khan.

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