Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kasara - My new love...

Hardly, you get an opportunity to be closer to nature. To be one with the nature from which you were created. The beauty is thrilling! It excites you to such a level that there is no other option but to praise its beauty. This thrill fills up your blood with adrenalin and you are pushed to such a level of excitement you can’t express! It’s a mighty feeling, a power that lets you roar to the top of your voice. The view is so heavenly, you get lost in its vastness. And after that, it leaves you in a serene state.

One such experience of me is during my journey from Nagpur to Mumbai and back. The region is Kasara Ghats; my new love. Even now as I’m travelling in the train after clicking over a hundred pics of the great Ghats, I feel a sense of satisfaction in my heart that I could capture the most of those thrilling moments of my life. There’s only one thing you can think of during that patch of nature’s greatness is to fall in love with the Creator who thought of it.

And I bet you can’t escape its beauty once you see it. Simply give yourself a chance to let your heart go behind it. Next thing you would be doing is praising its awesome beauty. The most wonderful time was when the train took over its complete strength of all the engines attached to it. As it gave an equal competition to the wind running next to it. The clouds even took part in this race and sent rains to sanctify the ground. All this happening around me, was a dream. My clothes trying to stay on my body; so as my feet were. My face was uplifted with a serene expansion of the facial muscles towards the ends of my jaws. The skin had an acupuncture given by the rain drops hitting at speeds of over 100kmph ! And, it was amazing ! Nothing in this world could give that feeling again.

Then came the time when the mighty beast was in the mountains at a pretty high altitude. The valleys and the greenery all around was enchanting, The fog had crowned the whole of the arena and gave beautiful moments for me to look through my lens and have them preserved for ever. The small streams of water flowing down the valleys making their ways smooth, cutting down stones was a treasured moment. Hopefully some animal would surely drink from those streams I set my eyes on.

Later when the snake trails ended, I realized that now it was going to get over, when the Creator put before me another wonder of His hands. It was still raining and the Sun gave a peeping look out of the clouds. I remembered my 9th grade science chapter of optics which educated me that when the Sun is below 40degrees in the sky and the rains falling; due to multiple reflections phenomenon the light is split into seven wonderfully conjugated colours. In layman’s words, THE RAINBOW !

I quickly switched sides and was standing on the opposite door where an uncle held me to keep me from falling off as I adored the beauty of the seven coloured bow in front of me. It was the only thing in the world I could wish for that time (except a charging point for my cell phone aka Steelbite). Finally the rains gave themselves a rest and the train took off its path from the Ghats to the plateau. Still the sky had put up a nice show in agreement with the Sun.

Today, I learnt a secret of life. Happiness is enjoyed the best when it occurs of a few moments. Sadness on the other hand can be handled effectively if it’s done with a calm, satisfied and patient mind. Happiness can be treasured for long times. Sadness has been brought in this world through sin, and will continue to exist. But such moments give you a reason to smile even during the hardest of times. Having said and done all that I could (still feeling to write more), it’s time to give this a break. Adios fellas !

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