Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dis Valentine...

Make this reach the girl for whom it's meant too !! (RJ)
The time has passed, but after loving you it's hard to love 
somebody else the way I used to love you!

 Dedicated to the girl I loved the most.... 

I had a dream to have you in my arms,
To rule the sky with our flying cars,
To paint the sky with the colours of our heart,
Who knew it won’t ever start!

The times we spent were few,
But to you it was nothing new!
I couldn’t make my feelings clear,
But my part in your life was sheer!

I hope we find a moment to call our own,
To have a time with happiness sown.
Who knew that moment would only remain a dream,
N the good times won’t last for soon!

Love will find a way soon to you,
But then love will surely sue,
The feeling that you had for the heart new,
But remember, my love is still due !
To the Dead Love........

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