Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Heart vs. The Gut

Today when I was driving to the church, I had this thought in my mind going since last night. Whether to listen to your heart or to go according to your gut feeling? I kept on thinking on it as I drove on and it went rather funny. The heart has got quite a few incoming & outgoing ways, well physically. And the gut has only two; either up or down, rather say to hold on or to let go. So when you say that one should listen to his/her heart, there are many opinions of the heart. Too much confusion to decide what is right. On the other hand, your gut feeling is much easier to decide. It points only in either of the ways.

So how I went on to this is; see, when you’ve got something in your gut, (talking in the physical realm) you choose to let it go and relieve yourself of it. Or, you choose to hold it, until you find a nice place; depending on the situation in each case. So when you choose to let it go, it’s gone forever without making you even bother about it. In the latter case, which appeals me, you choose to hold it on. You go through a lot of pain and patience the whole time; you think and strain yourself, so that you can accomplish your goal. And when the time comes to deliver it, the impact of the outcome is much, much more that the first case. Even the relief is much better.

Letting go is a very common and everyday phenomenon for every one of us. But holding on is not everyone’s cup of tea. On a funny note, that’s what (a cup of tea) makes you drive out to the pot mostly. But it’s about them who hold on, they show the ability to control situations which can tempt them to let go. But success and happiness is far better for these guys. Those who hold on are the ones which desire more for the goal and work out their way out of all odds.

Now focusing on the heart, I find it to be a weird organ. The gut is far simpler. So many associations, doesn’t the heart get tired? The heart troubles you a lot. Makes you want things that are out of your reach, crave for them, n later, cry over it. It makes you love that pretty girl in your college, but not the courage to confront her.
Yet after attending church, I found out this – This heart has the treasure of life; Love. A pretty appealing dialogue of the movie ‘Chaos Theory’ is “The most interesting thing about love is you choose to receive it & you choose to give it. Making it the most random act in the universe” Yes it is simple! No matter what, but you choose. It contains the blessing of The Most High. Its core is what makes you who you are. Listening to your heart is only advisable if you know that it hears the heavenly sounds. Then you can decide that yes, it is right.

That’s all for now folks!

So who wins is up to you.

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