Monday, July 8, 2013


I'm trying to find a way, a path to the unknown,
a street I never knew, a place I never saw,
in the midst of the chaotic crowd, find peace,
in the vastness of the sky, I seek refuge.

The days pass along with no sound of breeze,
each moment seems hard, the body wants ease.
I tread in the marsh, to find a land to plough,
thoughts wander along the beach, like the sand.

This bondage holds the soul, aching to leave,
this body seems dead, feels no ounce of pain.
a path I need, to surpass the bridge to self,
connect my being to the one living in me.

Attempting to unwind the entangled thoughts,
restore the upside curve on the mask,
spread the shoulders with a living breath,
restructure this shattered puzzled self.

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