Friday, July 26, 2013


She hits you like a maelstrom,
the whirling view entices the senses,
paralyzed by the vista embedded in her eyes,
like a nebula, vivid; so stellar!

Enclosed like a pearl in the oyster,
yet it feels deep as an abyss,
pulled back and gravitated by the vignette,
remains no vestige of the lost senses.

Gyrating in the grisly moment of silent clamour,
gauging the pantheist scope of the predicament,
exalted in the lyric of the heavenly fantasy,
the soul drifts in the cadence of emotion.

The heart swells, in pathos, to let out a cry,
to delve in the abstract so metamorphic,
every blink, every streak, and the cosmos,
this metaphor stands to be vindicated.
Photo Credits: Rapunzel

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