Sunday, October 23, 2011


I’ve been waiting to write this since long. I never could have time or words to write about the following. But the most important factor was I never had a reason to write it. Today I have one. The reason is: closure of this blog. Yes this blog will be closed following this post but I will give a last treat to my dear readers with the best poem I ever wrote.

Here it goes: (Some part was written earlier, a little now.)

Life, as we call it, seems quite funny to me. Well, most of the times. What are we doing here? Sitting somewhere on a blue planet? Which is some miles away from very special star! That is nothing more than a speck of dust in this vast universe!!!? Feeling small already? (Some would surely say No!) Here’s more.. Compared to few stars in the galaxy, the Sun is nearly nonexistent! And around the nonexistent star revolves a planet named Earth, tiny compared to the Energy provider! And on that vast planet in your view, you can’t even see yourself at the magnification of the best cameras located on satellites! So here comes the question, what are you doing in this place in this unimaginably massively vast Universe? If you are a believer of some deity, god or some supreme power, you would admit there is a plan. If you are an atheist, you would have hated the previous sentence and would say, “WTF! Who cares! I’d do what I want with my @$#^% life!” (No offence) Well, there are few other kinds too.  Here I’d like to say, I’m a believer of Christ. I carry a scientific emotion too. And that doesn’t stop me to reason.
And that is what I’m going to share here. Reason. What are we here for?

I’ve been exploring to find out the reasons people have about their lives or reasons to do things they are doing. I’ve asked people, randomly, what they want to do, what they feel about life, about people they meet. Some are funny; some are dumb that you don’t wanna hear them talk, others inspire them. While some talk from the graves. I frankly don’t know what I’m writing now, just pouring myself, apologies if I drift away. Many of us have found the paths early in their lives. Here I talk of the paths what everyone feel is; career! No my dear friend, life is too precious to be confused with career.

I have been put to a lot of self realization in the past few years. Somebody woke me up from the slumber I was in and gave me a light. Showed me the path to true living. I have been analyzing everything about myself since then. I might not have found the ultimate reason for my life, but I’ve found few for sure. This post says it all.

My role in this world, in people’s lives has now been quite clear to me. With all my experiences, I know it now. I’m the kind of person who tends to reflect back who you are to me. Many times I try to be harsh, but then mostly I don’t want to hurt anyone. I believe, loving is the best thing you can do to someone. And that I’m good at. I believe the reason I’m placed in somebody’s life is that they is some unfinished business with them that only I can do. Some incompleteness is what I can brief it as.

I’m close to many people in my life, many consider me as their best friend, because I understand them that well, but not everyone has been that close to me, ever. Except one. That person changed me, and showed me my true self. Blessed be the one. Many people came became close, and I happened to bring in a change in their life. And I feel that when the certain part of them is completed, they slowly drift away. The person who changed me also did! This has happened so many times now that it’s become a habit to me. No exceptions to that.

Now I know what I have to do. I’m an idea, a feeling. I do not wish to exist as a person in someone’s life. The very same people are there not just because they need me, but because I need them too. I stay away from being too attached to people, don’t want to repeat the pain I had once! It’s better that way. And now I know that when everyone has to go at some point, it’s better not to be too close. People come, they stay, and then they leave. And I find a reason of my life, of me being here, in this world, is to accommodate them when they’re lonely.

Everyone needs a place where they can feel safe and be they way they want, feel like home. And that place; feeling is called as ‘Me’.

Signing off, Mr. Khan.

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