Sunday, October 23, 2011

Notice of Closure!

Hello dear readers!

I hope you have a nice time reading my articles and poems. I hope they interest you and helps you in some manner. Due to few reasons, I'm being pushed into the decision of closing this blog. I won't be deleting it, just that i won't be active anymore. I thank you for being a part of this My World series.

I'm not gonna end it completely, as my life is meant to be shared, but I need a pause for now.This is going to be winter in this World, but seasons change.

Special mentions to visitors from Kingston upon Thames, England and Varodara, Gujrat, I find you are regular visitors. Everyone else, if you wish to keep updated with my further ventures, you can drop me an email at

I hope to keep you entertained in the future too. Remember me till then! have a nice time! :)

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