Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Drive Safely!

Some incidents change your life, some moments make you into a new being, while others silently drift away. Driving is my passion, I love to drive, getting to know the machine and able to churn out the most of it is the best feeling for me. Sometimes roads can be bad. Sometimes, you are guilty for the way you drive. Not an article which will change you, but surely make you think, and maybe curse me.

Driving on the streets of Nagpur is a circus in itself. People can shock you from any end. Today while driving in the busy streets of an area called Dharampeth, I met with a moment that crept guilt in me. I was on way to a bus stop, to drop off a friend. Now in the busy circle of driving and talking with him, a sudden jolt came in the mind when I saw a person aggressively jump in to the busy road on his bike to cross to the other side.

Now this man really brought me back on the road, and I had to drift my vehicle towards the left in order to save myself from his advancing stance. Little did I notice that there was a woman driving on my left side, who too had to then push herself to the left. We almost collided, but both saved themselves. Next moment I see her braking and her vehicle drift on the left, thanks to the wet road due to the drizzle going on. I thought she;ll manage, and as soon as the thought ended, I heard a loud voice. A guy shouting out from somewhere, my cornered vision still on the woman's vehicle.

I simply accelerate a little in order to make way and I see her dashing against a pearl white Honda car. *JOLT* and *HURT*
Now that blow was bad, she dashed her left side on the car, bumped and fell on her right. It was all happening in such a slow motion! I was tending to stop and was brought to my senses my my friend's voice to let go and leave. I did not stop. Guilt.

Next in my mind was hope she didn't get hurt much. The blow seemed to be hard, plus I guess her fingers must have hurt the car first. I can't blame anyone for that, it was a slow observation but quick reactions. All I pray is hope that lady is well. And a word of advice.  It's not just you on the road, a little roar to your bike can make people loose control.  Drive Safely.

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