Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Day with a New Twist!

Nothing much of my regular articles, just a weird day for me! Felt like sharing. 

And today began as unusual as it could! Me waking up at 5.30am! I had to pick up a guest arriving to Nagpur for a college event. It was kinda late and I was thinking of taking a bath, but then just had a shave and left for the airport. Now I was expecting to get a cab booked for the guy to take him to my place. The cab and the auto guys were saying exorbitant rates so I was in a mess until the guy, Mr. Arun Raj, a person with the weirdest ascent but a dhasu personality. He said he would be fine on my vehicle. So I drove him telling him about Nagpur all the way. A really cool guy, a traveler, a foodie and a great human being!

Now we were at my home, welcoming and all, we had talks on so many things! I made a little breakfast for him, plus my mom had her Cholla-Bhatura ready! He was quite impressed on the food! Later, we got all dressed up and waited for the pick up to arrive. We were discussing a little stuff and the radio was quite a pain in the arse. Also the so called AC didn’t work quite well.  Finally we reached college and the gala time began, all running around stuff. He had to give a presentation for which the Principal, on chair asked me to pull the screen down, which I took a bit literally. It was motorized, and I just pulled it with my hand!

So after the presentation we have a little one on one conversation, it was pretty nice to hear everybody! Esp. Mr. Ankit Kumar who didn’t utter a word! Now we were back into the boring forum activity, with really boring songs, pretty well sung though! In a while we planned to leave the college. We suddenly were headed to my friend’s place, who is the EWB GHRCE Chapter President. Te guy hadn’t slept for 30+hrs so did take a little nap on way. We took a really awesome meal in there and talked about food! All kinds of food! And Mr. Arun, being a food junkie, was enjoying every bit of it! We later took in an auto and headed to my place.

Here comes in showing all my major stuff to him. I showed him the bike I was working on, explained my research in detail and finally after a short meet with my aunt, we headed to the airport. On way, it started to drizzle, I thought we’ll make it, but it was so heavy in a min that I got drenched, dripping wet by the time we reached. 3rd time in two days I got wet! Seems I’m gonna catch a cold! So better get into a blanket! :D

Next article coming up: Rise of the machines.

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  1. The motorized screen incident was the best and funny aswell. :P :D