Sunday, June 19, 2011


What happens when everything you’ve worked for comes crashing down all at once?  How does it feel when the people you are supposed to trust don’t believe in a word you say? How does it feel when the entire world around you is doing some cheap tricks to show you are cared for? Experience that feel, that pain. What happens when there is a crowd cheering for you, but you wish just one person showed that happiness from deep within? Pain. The world we live in is filled with pain. And it was not given, it was taken. Sin entered humanity, and it corrupted us all. 

Well, this world of mine is supposed to be happy all the time, but nothing is perfect! We have few dashes of pain in this happy sky.  Pain is not bad. It tells us the importance of being happy. Then it becomes perfect. A little pain is necessary in everyone’s life. WE all have pain, but doesn’t it make the happiness that comes after worth it? We all have a chance to grow out of it. I read a thought in an article today by Mr. TGL Iyer; The worst problems can’t be solved, we have to outgrow them. Pain comes from problems we face, we must grow so big, that the problem looks puny.

Growing up. Now don’t we all hate it? Especially women! (No offences) They use all that crap in the market to look young, to look beautiful. Are we living in a society that has become so materialistic? I was standing in a queue today waiting for my turn at the cash counter where everyone around me was yelling of being late. Well, I took that few minutes to get my grey cells working. Observing people. Saw a lady who looked quite happy after giving the counter boy a headache; a concealed smile yet expressing how hurt she was! A big time poser. I wonder how her husband handles it! Then there was another woman angry on hoe the other lady got skipped from the queue. But then I saw this young lady, I was observing her earlier too, looked kinda calm. I saw her fishing in the basket right beside the counter with jigsaw puzzles. (Another person making use of time) I thought she was a kindergarten teacher getting stuff for her school lessons. It was not for her kid, as I saw no ring, and she was with her mother. Similar faces are easier to identify. I love such people. Making use of their spare time, being happy in a mess.

I don’t know if that was related, but I meant to share it anyway. Here another shot, talking about materialism; we always want something in return, always keep on counting things what the other person has done. I felt pretty selfish today. Before the earlier memory, I was called upon a pretty girl at the red light, her cranking engine was irritating me, but when she called, I had to look at her. Now she was pretty. I could tell that from the faces of the other young guys who saw me helping her. She was pretty dumb too. Actually. She was out of fuel and no money. I had to tow her to a petrol station few feet away! Later we exchanged names, lil info and about to leave, and I asked her to contact me. Here the guilt seeped in. It could have been a random act of kindness. But I wanted something in return, I involuntarily did that. Now I wish she doesn’t return, she could just have this memory of me as a stranger who helped her. She would do that to someone, sometime in her life.  We all want something in return; we can grow out of that. Expectations hurt; so does pain.

This person was in a problem, she had a little pain in asking me for help. I eased it. Somebody she might meet in the future might have pain, I hope she remembers me, and helps him; without a second thought. The lady at the mall was calm. She outgrew her pain. She found out something to do useful with her time, other spend that energy in yelling. This world of ours we want people to notice our pain, not the happiness. Why is that we wish to gain love through pain and not happiness? Well I guess that is because negative emotion though available in plenty gets attention.

Here is a little piece of advice. Pay attention to what your dear ones say. Let them have their piece of attention. Tell them you love them. You care for them and exercise it too. Then it is possible to achieve harmony within oneself and between others. Signing off, Mr. Khan. 

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