Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Falling Star

I guess I need to let this out of me. I’m dying in the inside. There are just too many thoughts rushing inside of me. I need to do something. I have succumbed to my inner self and I’m collapsing. This Star, this Abhijeet is falling. A relapse; all of this darkness. I have left nothing inside of me. I’m struggling hard, hard to be someone. I have my heart filled, my veins bursting out loud. There’s no pain, no sensations.  It’s just me, alone, fighting with this terrible me inside me. It’s terrible. I can’t understand a thing. I have no one to confide in. No one to trust with my heart, my feelings, myself. Here are my words, if they reach to you, pray for me. The world is getting crazier around me. It’s sleepless nights, tired mornings, broken insides, hurting body. It’s a terrible time. And it’s looped. It’s getting the best out of me. It’s making me empty. It’s breaking me down, the star is falling.
The star, the shining once. It’s suffocating me. It’s eating my insides, it’s making me hollow. My mind is seeing places. My heart.. oh I can’t feel that! My conscious keeps me away from filth. My name means a conqueror. How I’m I going to conquer this mountain?  I’m the Vega in the Lyra constellation, the baseline for other stars, I’m a scale. A measurement for others, or better, a reference. I’m the zero value, the balance between positive and negative. I’m something.  I’m the eagle, I’m the messenger of light, conquer.

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