Friday, April 23, 2010

Sands of Time

The sea sweeps away,
& the wind covers on,
With infinite layers,
Those wonderful colours,

Those sands of time,
Together in a rhyme,
Just like a wind chime,
Take away . . . . everything.

Those in the limelight,
Were once under the streetlight,
We all do used to fight,
Just to tell, we are right,
Even show enough might.

But these are sands of time,
It will wash away,
& no stray marks will remain,
Here’s no loss or gain.

The world has left no time,
Everyone’s trying to mime,
& why each one has to be right ?
& me always on the other side ?

In these sands of time,
Off course, I was lost,
A way too I walked,
But it seems,
I’m again gonna be found.

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