Friday, April 23, 2010


All of my sleeps’ out of order,
My pillow with tears now I water,
How long have I come?
How far I’ve got to go,
The silence night has; is killing,
I keep wondering,
Why do I keep dying ?
All the time . . . .

No place left to sleep,
No lap for this head to keep,
Some thoughts in the heart deep,
An unknown plant I’ve to reap,
In the stars wandering I keep,
Searching . . . .
For my very own light.

In this silent crowd; the world,
I search for someone not sold,
This dark city needs a dark knight,
To bring in an everlasting light

My own mock at me,
Some don’t even see,
Tongues say I’ve lost my heart,
Others laugh & say its mind,
That I’ve not got,
But it is my soul, thirsty; longing.

It feels like I’m insomniac,
Or simply I’ve turned maniac.

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