Saturday, July 5, 2014

Begging - A Perspective of An Entreprenuer.

What is the spirit of entrepreneurship? Is it just solving problems that society needs (or not) ? Building a multi billion business? Or creating value? It happens to me that I look at things beyond the actual picture. My aim is to learn from every one I happen to meet. 

As I write this piece, I'm traveling. As usual. A strikingly contrast picture was painted a while ago before my eyes. Two individuals - a woman with a baby and a fakir. Both walking in the aisle of the compartment to earn a buck. Both had their highly different approach towards their 'job'. The fakir was first to approach us. He came down to our compartment and asked for offering, to which a friend responded by passing on a buck in his 'jhola' . the mistake. He started to blabber and slipped a ring in my friend's finger, telling him it will bring him good. Also, asking for more money indirectly. When declined a few times, he took of the ring and headed out. 

The woman. She passed us like she had an invisible cloak on her. All I saw was a broom which cleaned the aisle and the compartment. A few minutes later she came back with a child in her hand and asking for money. I immediately started to browse my pockets for change when she pointed out the falling coins from my pocket. One could have easily picked the fallen money and took it. The difference- one swept floors and 'earned' money while the other wanted it the easy way. People, a many, are fooled in the name of religious faith, while a hard worker always gains honor in eyes of people. We can choose how we wish to run a business. To earn either fool people or gain respect for your brand. The example might not be closely related to what I say. But it conveys the emotion. That matters .

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  1. A beautiful example.... You have expressed your observation beautifully!