Sunday, May 12, 2013

The UniSun

Photo Credits: Rapunzel
I pass the streets with a thought in mind,
I wish to live in this day sublime,
the sky shows me its colours, it paints,
the body asks for bread, while I faint.

The paths run dry to the sight ends,
the kids on them emerge with friends,
the joys in their eyes is beyond measure,
such sights, I tell you, are the best treasures!

I race to the light, the way it calls,
at its enthralling beauty, my heart calms,
painting the sky red, orange and blue,
where does the breath stop i have no clue!

Tangled amongst the ropes I find the Sun,
like blowing a huge pipe, the foggy clouds run.
lost in the beauty of this nature's play,
I lose insight and the human way!

While I capture these moments in my lens,
the visual poetry makes me lose sense,
I wait for the the day to dawn on me,
so through the sleepy eyes, life I may see!   

~ Mr. Khan.

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