Saturday, September 15, 2012


Flies roll and paths fly,
living life on a new high!
Winters blood and the heart's cold,
life takes an incomplete sigh

Depths write and fingers pause,
chaotic mind finds no sweet spot,
Blood flows and rivers run dry,
words stop at when the feelings rot.

Sights reach horizons and laughter halts,
a deeper thought injects the stance,
Fights with the soul and hugs to death,
leave the faith at a dangling dance.

Swallowing darkness and grains cease,
satisfying feeling come with the last,
Breaths lose beats and beats knock th sky,
its like a movie running super fast.

Faith faints and belief sets absence,
that sharp shard surfaces the presence,
Growth limps and cages walk,
its runs the cycle, weaving a web of nothingness.

Bounded in the Nothingness

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