Monday, March 5, 2012

The Mind Freak

The mind is a being in itself. One of the most complex organs of the human body is the brain. In fact, it is one of the most complex cellular structures in the human body. The one and a half kilogram of muscle mass controls the rest of your bulky body and keeps it going through all the life. Stuffed with millions of nerve cells, this so called brain is a weapon of destruction and also an answer to peace. All that we see in this man made world is a result of what he thought and put into action. From Nuclear weapons to Save Earth initiatives, everything has been born out of the human mind, each one blessed with the same amount. Now we can’t forget that there is a Supernatural Being who made it. I’m a believer. Period.

It plays just like this!
The Brain, the mind, are they the same, or just some hypothetical creation or a thought process? Every word written in this article is the result of hundreds of nerve cells sparking in the very right fashion and passing on signals to my fingers to do something.  And this mind, it has got all the things science can’t define. Not even the mind itself. But we live in a world higher than just defined laws and theories.

The mind plays terrible games with us. It has some crazy ideas of its own and we work as puppets. The mind is a being in itself. We are helpless towards it. It makes us do things we never wished, never wanted. We tend to become what we are not. The craziness, the exceptional capabilities that sometimes occur are beyond the limits we even thought of. The world goes upside down and we behave like strangers in our own lives knowing not what to do, when, what and where!

You get locked up in a world so unknown that it’s hard to know what goes on around and about you. You become all crazy and nonsense stuff is spewed out of your mouth. The aggressiveness, the maniac acts, the cravings, the not-my-normal-stuff are a result of an excited or disturbed mind. We do things we aren’t proud of afterwards, and in some cases, knowing the regret will haunt later on, we still do things. Because the state, the time, the mind; it escalates you to the level of doing things. Sometimes this craziness is beneficial, but when it takes the longer route it messes up the life. The mind becomes your foe and there is a chess strategy set up inside of you.

Many of us are control freaks who like to keep all ends tied up. I’m a similar kind of person, trying to plan everything. But then you learn that plans hardly work; in the back of my mind, while planning, I’m sure that most of it won’t go as I’ve planned or been thinking. But then that is what adds the surprise element in your life. But for a little assurance, you can’t stop making plans, and sometimes you need to lose that, else a duality springs. Each of us has a dual nature, the Yin-Yan, the White-Black, the Light-Dark nature, whatever you wish to call it. We are in constant fights with the other self within us. God has given one power, the power of Choice. We become what we choose in life.

When we are in situations from the slightest dual thoughts (comparison) to a waging war of the right or wrong in the decisions of your life, the mind sometimes slips in a small thought which might create havoc. The only way out of it is to keep your mind on leash and not let the ‘mind over matter’ effect flourish. The mind is an entity which can make you or break you. For it is a weakness, and imperfection, live it, and grow out of it, the mind will always be there, you need to control that.

Out of hallucinations, haunting, and a freaked out mind, these words flash. Courtesy: The Mind Freak.

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