Sunday, July 3, 2011

This is Home!

The title is a song from the soundtrack of the movie; The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Much of the emotion in this article is probably going to be from the song. As I write this, the song plays in the background to help me write. Home; A place where everyone feels safe. A place which one can call as his/her own. I write this in a realm a little higher than what we live in, a little serene, a little heavy on the heart. So what place can we call a home? The houses we live in? OR where the heart dwells? There is a superb saying in this English language; Home is where the heart is! 

Medical Quarters
So are we dwelling in bricks and mortar or flesh and feelings? Here’s a little part of my life. I spent my childhood, the first 14 years of my life, at a place addressed as C/o S. W. Nimbalkar, Matron’s Quarter, Govt. Medical College & Hospital (GMCH), Nagpur – 440003. As I write this, my heart lingers over the memories that have been spent in that home. Good, bad, beautiful and ugly. I was born in the vicinity of that place and was raised up in that house. It was a rented place, by the government to my aunt. We all lived there, the whole family. 

I have my memories back from when I was about 6 yrs old. Little flashes of a time before that too exist as I try to recollect. I once fell off my tricycle from the little slope we had. I had buried my little parrot under the guava tree who used to call my name when my school auto came. Now, spell-check says the bold word should be that, but my parrot was a person for me, not a thing. Those were my nursery school days. I remember soaking the Sun sitting in the porch to have a little extra Vitamin D! Running away from the home to ride bicycle with my friends, falling and hurting my knee on the newly tarred road where I was bleeding till 15 mins. Locking myself in the store after I had a fight with everyone else, and my dear doggie Kareena who lived there for 8 long years and breathed her at last the same place where she was kept on the first day. 

The Fortress of Solitude
I remember all that, also my Grandpa on whose tummy I used to bounce. And also many negatives which made the good parts seem much sweeter.  That place is now no more, my aunt got transferred and now she’s here in the Fortress of Solitude. I call it so because no cellular company is able to provide a network signal inside this place. There is a huge canopy of trees covering this house in their protective coverage. And tomorrow onwards, even this will be lost. I did not like this place earlier because of the network problem, but my last trip to Mumbai made me think over it. This place is isolated, calm, quiet, feels serene. The lack of cellular coverage shields me from much of the dirt in the outer world. Here I get to be me. I get to think, I get to write; in peace. This and may previous articles wouldn’t have been written if it were not for this place. 

People spend their life in building a house but fail to build a home. Some never find one, and those who do, rest in peace. I have just started to take the sail of my life in my own hands, let’s see where the winds of life take me along! These places I thought as a home, were temporary, may the final one which I arrive at, be the perfect one! Hopefully, God’s home. To all the sailors, trying to find HOME, may your journey is a memorable one. For it is not the destination, but the path we choose.  

Then someone might sing the song that's playing here, 'Now I'm finally where I belong, I've been searching for a place of my own, yeah this is home!

Happy Journey!